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How to Evaluate Managed AWS Solution Providers

Most businesses and IT leaders can see the potential that the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud has to offer in terms of agility, scale, and innovation. But unlocking the potential that AWS has can be accelerated with the right managed AWS provider.

But with thousands of providers out there, how do you evaluate the one that will best meet your needs, or find out who can provide secure, reliable and optimized cloud services? Keep the following tips and advice in mind as you consider your options.

How Will Managed AWS Services Free Up Your Resources?

Properly managed services should save you time and money and free up resources, so you can focus on other business concerns. An experienced managed AWS provider should be able to clearly articulate how their solution will give you these advantages while addressing your IT and business needs. The more time you get back to focus on your applications and customers and less on infrastructure tasks, the more energy you can devote to building better apps to grow your top-line.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your potential service provider should offer different levels of services to match different needs. If you require fully managed AWS support starting with an assessment to migration to running the final cloud environment, then that should be no problem. Or if you only need minimal services to monitor AWS and keep costs in line, then that should also be an option, as well as everything in between. Ask about their offerings and if they have custom options to help you based on your current stage of cloud adoption.

Hybrid Solutions Should Be Available

While the AWS cloud platform is flexible and comprehensive, some industry segments do not allow certain types of data on a public cloud or just aren’t ready to take the plunge. Your managed AWS solutions provider should be able to provide a hybrid solution to meet regulatory and compliance needs, integrating AWS workloads and a private cloud hosting workloads seamlessly.

Get the Best Performance

Yes, moving to AWS is the first step. But to unleash the true potential of the platform, your managed AWS solution provider must be able to delve deep into your specific workloads and business goals to optimize a solution that gets the best results. And this isn’t a set it and forget it type of a relationship. Optimization for performance and cost is a continuous exercise as your business grows and shifts over time.

Keep Ahead of the Curve

AWS offers a powerful and evolving set of capabilities that require a managed AWS partner to be committed to investing in its team and upgrading their knowledge base and skills so that they can offer better services to a wide variety of clients. They should take care of your infrastructure foundation while your employees can focus on building your applications. Be on the lookout for any certifications they may have as an AWS partner and case studies or references from their customers.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring and Security Support

Anytime your application is down could mean a loss of business and frustrated customers. Your partner should take this just as seriously as you do. Partner with a managed AWS solution provider that provides around-the-clock, documented support procedures. Also, service and site monitoring, with instant alerts if any trouble arises along with established escalation paths, should be part of the package.

System patches and upgrades, database backups, application deployment assistance, and performance management are invaluable services that provide you with peace of mind and freedom to concentrate on other business matters.

With years of experience and expertise, Carbon60 manages complex workloads for customers on various clouds. With our end-to-end unified experience, we can offer you 24x7x365 white-glove service for your managed AWS cloud solution.

Our managed AWS cloud solutions are built with security as the top priority. The foundation of our security approach is a comprehensive Information Security Management System that the Carbon60 security team implements to help safeguard the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Our cloud experts can answer any questions you have. Contact us today!


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